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On Divorce: "Tandy offered wisdom, insight, nurturing and guidance while holding me accountable for my own decisions and actions. With Tandy's help, I am happier today than I ever imagined."

On Group Therapy: "Tandy is direct in her feedback, pushing when she needs to but always with a sense of care and compassion for her patients. I credit being in group with Tandy for helping me make huge changes in my life."

On Grief:
"Like any parent, I was ill-equipped to deal with my son's prolonged illness and the grief I felt when he died. I could have easily fallen apart. But under Tandy's care and through her understanding and wisdom, I was provided with the tools I needed to deal with my sadness. Most importantly, she helped me continue being a good husband and father to my other kids."


Christopher Santangelo, MD

Matthew Parker, MD
General Practitioner

Bruce Rashbaum, MD
General Practitioner

Judith Bass, CEP
Educational Consultant for Students with Learning Differences

Colin Shah
Personal Training


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